Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Deck Beams

Most people start the deck beams somewhere after the keel and in the middle of the frame construction. The deck beams where the first thing I built. My boat shed was not started, winter was approaching and I wanted to get started on the project. I could build the beams in my garage so it seemed logical to start with them, ( logical may be a word that should not be used when taking on a boat building project), but that's still up in the air in my mind! This is a picture of the jig I made to bend the 5/4" by 3" eastern red cedar. It consists of two 2"x12" cut to the specified crown glued together and mounted on a 2"x8" which will hold the rods I'm placing every 6" on both sides of the 2bys. Once the rods are in place I made 5" cap blocks out of old oak hardwood flooring which would set over the cedar planks to be laminated and eventually tightened down. More of this in the next post.

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