Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Keel the Backbone of the Boat

I decided to laminate my keel out of 2" by 8" Douglas-fir kiln dried wood as opposed to larger sections of wood or timbers. The wood was easily hand picked and I could cut out the bad sections if needed. Each piece was run through the planner to make a nice flat joint when put together. Both faces where covered with resorcinal glue clamped every 8 " or so and left to dry in the shop or basement which were kept at 70 degrees for the drying duration.  This is a photo of the two main sections of the keel. I laminated each section separately but here they were stacked on top of each other for spacial reasons. Later as we will see these two parts will be tared together and bolted down. And by the way still no boat shed!

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