Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Deck beams

Gluing and stacking 5 layers of 5/4 by 2.5" clear western red cedar on the deck beam mold. Wax paper on the mold so the beams don't stick. The strips are about 12" longer than the beam length and will be cut later.

Once stacked the layers are clamped down. We placed 2.5" oak flooring over the last layer with 2 - 1/2" threaded rod  on both sides of the beam, put 2 washers and a couple of nuts on the rod and tighten the nuts down till snug, working from the center  toward the end. An air impact lug driver worked well. Once all the clamps we tight we would recheck and re-tighten, again working from center to end.

 Once  all was tight we would let each beam set  for at least 24 hours.

Again, two beams could be done at one glue session. One galley or pilot house beam and one aft deck beam. With 22 beams to be made they were completed in less than a month. Each gluing session took about 2 hrs. Planning the 5/4 stock took longer than the lamination of the beam.

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