Monday, December 28, 2015


               A longitudinal deck framing member (i.e., one that runs fore and aft).

This picture shows the notching of the deck beam at station # 8. The sloping notch is 3" wide and will receive a 3" carlin which will be 2- by's laminated together and run from station # 8 back to the bulkhead at stateroom.  The sloping notch is cut into the deck beam deeper at the top of the deck beam, maybe 3/4" and almost flush at the bottom of the deck beam, thus keeping the carlin from sliding down and the carlin top remains flush with the deck beam.

The carlin ( the 2 by to the left in the picture below) is above the sheer height thus giving
the gunwale short deck beams a slope or a crown. The gunwale short deck beams are also notched into the first carlin layer with a sloping notch. Each beam is then  bolted to the frame and are all the same length giving the carlin the curved shape of the sheer.

Once all the gunwale short deck beams are in place the second layer of the carlin is glued and nailed.

And finally the carlin is in and assumes the shape of the boat. The gunwale deck beams can be planned to make a crown and the carlin will need to be beveled to match the crown of the beams. Once in place the carlins and the deck beams provide a strong gunwale. Knees can be put in under these deck beams attaching to the frames. I did not feel that they were necessary.

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