Monday, December 14, 2015

Ah! At last, Planking

Planking: This is one of the real fun parts of the building process!  I planked the bottom with
2" by 6" Doug-fir. Layer of tar on all frames and stringers. Nailed and screwed.

Side planking was 1" by 4" Southern Yellow Pine clamped, nailed and screwed over the frames with a layer of tar between the planking and the frames.

             Second row of planking put on first leaving the first row at the sheer off to make it easier to                                                      install deck beams in the future.

Make the planking tight

Moves along once the sheer plan is established 

Used short and long pipe clamps to keep the planking tight.
As you can see I worked from top to bottom
Starting to take shape

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