Monday, July 9, 2012

Starting the Boat Shed

As I mentioned in a previous post there was a delay in building the boat shed. Partly due to my work load in my business and also due to a n excavating contractor not showing up as promised. Once I had all the trees cleared I ran across an old friend  Bob Bridger, who had just moved back to the area and he had a front end hoe. Bob is a local and was more than willing to do the required excavation and he even helped move the large old micro lam beams which Strober Lumber gave me as long as I paid the delivery charge. Although they were different sizes and dimensions they made a good foundation and partial wall onto which I will place the shed frames. Here Bobs hoisting one of the beams to the front wall area. As you can see the side foundations are complete and stand about 2’ high.

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