Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Lets Get Framing

The frames are beveled, cut to length and ready to be put together. Again since room was still limited to the garage, I only assembled half of the frame an would put them together out in the boat shed. The bottom and the side parts were put in place on the frame table and the large 1-1/8" thick plywood gussets on both sides of the frame at the chine were glued and bolted. Once both sides where done they would be primed and numbered. The boat being 44' long requires 21 frames spaced 24" apart. I did not build the forward 2 frames for reasons I'll explain later. Since I took my time measuring and cutting the frame pieces they went together with no problems. After putting the frames up I found only one out of the 19 frames I made on the table needing some adjustment.     

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