Monday, July 9, 2012

Frames up (boat shed that is)

    Well with a lot of help from my son's Joe and Mike and a worker Ken we were able to get the frames into position. The gables were the heaviest and the hardest to get in place. In fact the rear one fell over and broke and had to be built in place. The next step is to brace the frames which are 32" on center. On the roof you must brace front to back with 5/4 by 3 about 24" on center to hold the tarp. The sides should have diagonal bracing and too much is not possible. I put ply wood on the corners for added support. I even ran some braces from the top of the wall to a stump and one to the small tool shed behind the boat shed for added support.  It rocks in the wind in all directions but it's been 6 years and 4 tarps and the shed is still standing. Total ceiling height from dirt to collar ties is about 14 feet. It is 24' wide by 52' in length and still not big enough. They never are! 

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